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 About Us_ 

Allied Liberty Security, Inc.

When it comes to safety of your employees, customers and property, you don’t want to take any risks. Allied Liberty Security, Inc. takes security to the next level. Our armed and unarmed security services, vehicle patrol services, event security services and event staffing will take care of your every security need. Here’s why we are the best choice for protecting your business from physical threats.


Superior Conflict Resolution Training

Did you know that most security companies don’t require their security officers to have conflict de-escalation and first aid training? While they usually prefer officers to have it, it’s not a

requirement. We believe that security is a career to be taken seriously. In an emergency situation, the qualifications of your security officers will have a significant influence on the outcome. Effective conflict resolution skills can de-escalate the intensity of conflicts and even prevent incidents from occurring. Choosing fully qualified officers can protect your property and your persons from potential theft, damage and injury.

When you choose Allied Liberty Security, Inc. you are choosing officers who are fully trained on conflict resolution. All of our officers attend mandatory conflict resolution classes, so they are always prepared to de-escalate situations in order to prevent damage and/or injuries from occurring on your property, using the least amount of force necessary.


Certified First Aid Responders

Unlike other companies, we require all of our officers to be trained in first aid, CPR and AED. If anyone gets hurt on your property or at your event, our officers will be prepared to act. Our team of qualified officers are certified in life-saving first aid measures, as well as to minimize injuries and help prevent future disabilities. Don’t leave your first aid measures to chance. Allied Liberty Security, Inc. will ensure your guests and employees are always protected.


Professional Appearance

Security is serious business, and we make sure to look the part. Our officers are given allowances

to keep their professional uniforms in tip-top condition. Our professional attire gives a strong impression to potential bad-actors by acting as a deterrent. We understand that a professional appearance adds to the professional image of the organizations we serve.


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